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GreyorGray is an educational establishment devoted to:

  • Misspellings that arise from geographical differences and common miscalculations. Our lead-in topic settles the age-old (and most frequently asked) question of how to spell the color of the site’s namesake.
  • Common grammar mistakes that arise from the usage of indefinite articles preceding nouns. Lead-in topic in this niche settles the age-old (and most frequently asked) question of is it “a” or “an” before the noun in question.
  • English spelling rule of using “i” before “e” except after c. Lead-in topic in this niche settles the question of is it always “i” before “e” except after c and if not then what are the exceptions?
  • The usage of affect vs effect in a sentence. Lead-in topic here is the question of is it affect or effect when referring to the state of a noun?

If you have ever wondered:

  • “Am I spelling g-r-e-y correctly…or is it g-r-a-y?”…How do you spell the color grey or gray?
  • When to use “a” or “an”…are you using “a” or “an” correctly and the usage of “a” or “n” in front of h?
  • When to use “i” before “e” and what words break this rule?
  • When to use affect vs effect

– then you have arrived at your destination. Not only have we set so many minds at ease over the subject, we also bring clarity to other common misspellings due to regional differences and other mnemonic miscalculations and other common grammar mistake in writing and other English spelling rules

We also provide:

  • Information on how you can profit from the many misspellings that occur across various internet platforms
  • Information on excellent English and Grammar reference books, recommended grammar check software and other resources
  • Information on excellent English spelling reference books, and don’t forget to research our site to learn more important spelling and writing rules
  • Information on excellent English writing resources. Use our site to learn valuable information that can dramatically improve your writing skills

So enjoy your stay and remember:

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