Affect vs Effect Definition

Have you been wondering what the proper usage is when referring to the state of something? Is it “Affect” or “Effect”. The easiest way to clear these often confused words are by knowing their true definition.

i before e icon Affect (verb) To influence something without causing it to happen.

i before e icon Effect (noun) Is the result that was accomplished or to directly cause something.


Affected vs Effected

When to use Affected vs Effected. Let’s now apply usage so that it makes sense.

Winning the lottery Affected me
The Effect was exhilarating!

In that example Affect was the influence on Effect the result.

Here is an example when Effect means to cause something directly.

Can the president Effect such great change without Affecting the middle class?

When all else fails..

Affect is an Action

Effect is an End result


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Confusing Words

“Using affect or effect” is one of the most confusing words seen today in modern grammar. There are others that we should also be aware of however. Here’s a handy chart.

A Lot
All together

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