Getting Your Ex Boyfriend Back And Keeping Your Dignity

If the man in your life has all of a sudden left you for no reason, you are probably concerned that you will never get your ex-boyfriend back permanently. Firstly, he needs to see that you are not afraid to move on without him. This may be tough, but men are attracted to confident and self-assured women. If you seem to be too desperate in front of him, he is likely to pull further away and you will definitely not get back together

Here is some genuine advice to help you get your ex-boyfriend back even if he has, moved on and seems to have lost all interest in you.

Genuine Advice

1. Let Him Know You’re The One

You need to continue to do the activities and hobbies that you did before the break up and show him your life goes on. Discreetly show him that his life will be considerably better if you’re in it. Unless he is totally appalled by you (which he is most likely not), there are various things you can do get your ex boyfriend back. If your relationship was really serious he will notice that you are not around because you both probably shared a good history together and he will be missing that too.

2. Base Your Relationship on Friendship

You still have to be a friend if you want to get my ex back. Prove that you can be in his company without creating a scene or getting over emotional. When he see that, regardless of your breakup, you are continue to be the same intriguing, pleasant, interesting and attractive woman that he was attracted to to start with, it will rekindle his interest. What is important is to just be yourself.

3. Have a Conversation and Keep Cool

When you and your ex boyfriend have a message conversation, be polite and stay cool. Let him see that you have some backbone too because you don’t want him to walk all over you. To get your ex boyfriend back you want him to want you, but you also want to give him the perception that he will have to do a bit of work to get you back. Let the conversation flow as best as you can and don’t try to push a point. If you are meant to be together, you’ll be together. Just let things take their natural course.

4. Let Him Know You’re Available

Try have just enough attitude to spark his interest and draw him to you. But not too much or you’ll put him off. To get your ex boyfriend back, let him know you’re available but give him the impression that the man of your dreams could snatch you away forever at any moment. Small elements of jealousy will work to your benefit but use it too much and you’ll just annoy him and push him further away.

5. Never Appear Desperate

If you seem to be desperate, needy, or too emotional you will not get your ex boyfriend back. Men are not attracted to these traits in a woman. No matter how you feel inside, just play it cool. If possible, try an casually talk to him about the fun times the two of you once shared with each other. This will make his subconscious mind link your presence with the feeling of enjoyment.

Here are some fast and straightforward steps to get your ex back permanently, which, if you stick to them, will set you on the right path.

Steps to get your ex back

1. Give your ex space

One of the most significant mistakes you can make when you start your steps to get your ex back is to think that you can talk and persuade your ex into coming back. A conversation like this usually finishes with you becoming very upset as your ex continues to be very cool towards you. You do not want your ex to see you in this condition. They will become more distant because they know you are doing it only for yourself. Also you are creating a situation where they will feel uncomfortable.

Instead try and act against the fact that you want to get your ex back and give them the space they want.

2. Get busy

Have a phase of no contact with your ex, and get yourself busy. The more you stop and think about your situation, the more likely you will want to get in touch with your ex. It is important part of the steps to get your ex back to get out and about. Start a new exercise regime, do things that you like, meet up with good friends etc. Remember, you do not have control over what your ex wants to do, but you do have control over what you want to do. So, you can choose to sit around and be sad all day or choose to go out and appreciate the time you have.

3. Slowly, get back in contact

Gradually, get in touch with your ex. Let them know you still care about them and you that you still have a lot of happy memories of when you were together. Tell them you would like to meet up sometime, just as friends and appear upbeat and cheerful. What good does this do? Well, think about how your relationship began in the first position. Your ex partner did not drop madly in love with you because you pleaded with them to go on a date with you. You need to let them gradually open up to you again.

4. Suggest a time to catch up

When things are, little by little, going well, you can try asking them out on a date. Nothing serious though. If the word ‘date’ frightens them, do not call it a date; it is just two individuals arranging to meet up. This way they can justify it to themselves that it is not a date.

Some folks do need to take a break from a relationship, especially one that has been going well. They need this chance to discover who they are on their own. This is something they need to do to help their future relationships, whether it is with you, someone else or basically with themselves. Be a friend for them and they will be ever thankful to you.

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