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• eBay Misspellings Tool (powered by GreyorGray)

Everyday thousands of items are listed on eBay with the titles misspelled because the seller neglected to check the correct spelling of the item they were listing. People who search eBay search for the correct spellings of these items and end up never seeing the misspelled eBay auctions resulting in few to no bids at all.eBay Misspellings ToolFor example, someone may have been trying to post an auction of a laptop and the seller may have accidentally listed it as lapetop, labtop or lapto.

This is especially the case with brand designer names, long complicated names or words, and sports memorabilia. Our own eBay misspellings tool finds these item by searching for the most common misspellings and returning the results.

Can you make a decent living off this type of hobby? Absolutely! There are countless items listed daily. Ever hear of the story of the $2000 “dimond bracelet” that went for a mere $20 or so?

Diamond Ring

What about the Most Expensive eBay Misspelling Ever? These awe-inspiring stories are the direct result of major misspelling blunders. With the right strategy you can have a few stories yourself to tell on a weekly basis.

Try out the eBay misspellings tool, it’s absolutely free!

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• SpyFu

SpyFu is a very comprehensive and powerful tool that allows you to spy on your online competitors to see your competitions PPC keyword list, ad budget, ad text, organic rankings, & landing pages. Just visiting the homepage of the website they offer you the ability to spy on a website and show you the SEO Top 100, Top SEM Spenders, and Keyword with Highest Cost Per Click.

SpyFu homepage

Yes, SpyFu gives OPEN ACCESS to its data!

You can find plenty of keywords and information for free without having to subscribe. So what is the benefit of a subscription?

A subscription offers you much more data where the free version gives you only the top 10 keywords for a competitor. You can export thousands of keywords into an excel spreadsheet with a subscription. You also see more competitors and can browse running ads with more related keyword terms. If you’re a light user you can get by with the free version. If you really want to get into researching niches, discovering new keywords to exploit, and create more ad creatives for split testing then the subscription level membership is more up your alley.

Favorite Features:

Spyfu has many other great features, one we really love is “Top Organic Competitors” for competitors domains, and then the ability to export all the domains listed into the Adwords Editor. You can actually use the domains as keywords to advertise for. So if someone types in “” into Google, your ad will appear. This is a great method to get really cheap clicks because there is little competition for those keywords.

Spyfu Results


The main benefits of Spyfu are:

  • See every keyword your competition is bidding on
  • See the ad text
  • See the landing page destination
  • See the URL they are using

This is definitely worth a try a 3-day trial for $6.95 . If the program delivers the results you are seeking, then simply extend your membership.



• Wordtracker

Wordtracker is the grandfather of all the keyword research marketing tools. We were one of the first to get our hands on the premium version of the service before most people were even aware of it and have not come across a superior “all-around” keyword product yet…probably not even close to what Wordtracker can do and how it performs.

Wordtracker helps you find hidden, obscure keywords and discover hundreds of untapped market niches to create new campaigns and content to meet a starving customer base that you never knew existed.

Wordtracker Screenshot

What we like is that the software also finds Common Misspellings of your keyword suggestions. You can obtain a tremendous amount of traffic with misspelled keywords.

If you have a blog or a website featuring a product or service that you are trying to promote on the internet and want to get ranked organically for niche keywords, Wordtracker helps find the ‘golden eggs’ that lead to increasing website traffic. This ultimately leads to more conversions and more revenue.

There are 3 VERSIONS of Wordtracker:

Try the Free Version – Minimum functionality, top 100 keywords only

Try the Free Trial Version – 7 day free trial, preview of the Full Version

Try the Full Version – Full functionality, does all of the following:Wordtracker Screenshot 2

  • Finds more profitable keywords.
  • Discovers untapped niche markets.
  • Checks keyword competition on multiple engines, directories and news sites.
  • Imports and ranks up to 500 keywords.
  • Customize your research to get exactly what you want.
  • Keep your keyword research safe and accessible.
  • Wordtracker offers a 100% money-back guarantee

It is important you understand the difference so try all 3 and make the best decision for your keyword research needs.


Rosetta Stone

• Rosetta Stone

Rosetta Stone is one of the most popular language-learning programs available and their claim “The Fastest Way to Learn a Language Guaranteed” may sound bold, but there isn’t anything else out there that compares to this computer-based language immersion software. Rosetta Stone Screenshot 1

Learning another language has tremendous benefits for both online and offline usage. If you’re thinking how does Rosetta Stone fit in with the prior applications then here is snapshot of why this program is so valuable:

Online usage:

  • Learning other languages gives you the ability to build websites in multiple languages using correct grammar opening untapped markets. Your competitors probably aren’t doing this.
  • If you are thinking about operating an online transcribing/translation service this software would be ideal (see How Rosetta Stone works).
  • Even if your competition uses a language translation service, if you promote something popular and ongoing such as a niche you would promote within a blog you will save alot of money with what would otherwise be unaffordable to hire a translator to translate 100’s of blog posts.
  • Allows you to freely communicate with others online in other languages via your blog and social networks (Facebook, Myspace, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc). Are your competitors really doing that?

Offline usage:

  • The obvious benefits are associated with traveling to foreign countries and being able to communicate freely, listen accurately and speak fluently.
  • Communicating with those who speak foreign languages for business purposes. Bilingual employees are paid much higher salaries with qualified applicantes low in supply but high in demand. Many financial institutions such as banks and investment firms have an international relations department. For business purposes this also includes teachers, translators and translation services as well.
  • Communicating with a love interest whose second language is English (or whatever your first language may be). Rosetta Stone is very popular amongst individuals who wish to date and form personal relationships with those who speak limited or no English at all.
  • Communicating with family members who prefer to speak your ancestry’s native language.

How Rosetta Stone works:

The software uses images and audio together to teach you how to read, write, speak and listen the language you are learning effectively. This is far more effective than just learning to translate. So regardless of your native tongue, your grammatical structure of the language you are learning will more be accurate than any translation-based software. The software teaches you other languages incrementally (Level 1, Level 2, Level 3, etc) and in a short time an ambitious native-English speaker could learn up to Level 3 in any language with a Roman alphabet and non-divergent grammar system within two months and become fluent and conversant.Rosetta Stone screenshot 2

Rosetta Stone is used by NASA, Pitney Bowes, U.S. State Department, U.S. Army and 10,000+ schools and supports 31 languages so they are probably going to be around for quite awhile. Once you use it you’ll see why it puts all those “Language in a Box” software packages to shame. Find the most competitive pricing (New or Used) at the following online outlets.

• External Resources

Money Savers

  • Free Amazon Shipping – Find cheap filler items to qualify for FREE shipping on

Web Hosting

  • GoDaddy – World’s largest web hosting co. Cheap Domains, Free Hosting Setup, 24/7 Support
  • Bluehost – Unlimited Hosting Space. Host Unlimited Domains. 24/7 Support. $4.95 mo. Easy-Install WordPress Hosting.
  • Ipower – Free Domain Name. Unlimited Space and Bandwidth. 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Template Site Building. Servers are 100% powered by Wind Energy.
  • LunarPages – Many hosting plans. Professional Business Hosting w/Ecommerce Enabled. Will allow 6 months credit to transfer from your current web host.
  • Host Gator – Reseller Hosting. Dedicated Hosting. Unlimited Disk and Bandwidth. 45 Day Money-Back Guarantee. $7.95/mo.

Secondary Market Domain Purchases

  • Sedo – Large, active marketplace to buy, sell and park domains.
  • Moniker – Register Domains, Premium Monthly Domain Auctions.


  • WordPress Homepage – Popular publishing platform. Start blogging in minutes.
  • Download WordPress – Download wordpress for free and get started blogging in minutes.
  • WordPress Themes – Free WordPress Design Themes for your Blog.
  • Studio Press – Professionally Designed, Search Engine Optimized, Premium WordPress Themes for your Blog. Fully Customizable.
  • Reviewazon WordPress Theme – The easy and simple way to add Amazon Product Reviews to your WordPress Blog.

Freelance Services

  • Elance – A Freelancers dream. Huge, top-notch, marketplace to bid on over 25,000 job posts monthly. For Employers: Outsource easily to companies, consultants and freelance professionals.
  • RentACoder – Software coders heaven. Employers receive bids from over 200,000 registered software coders for custom software projects.
  • Scriptlance – Excellent for programmers and designers. Over projects posted daily.
  • Logoworks by HP – Top-tier logo design company. Get the logo you want in as fast as a week.
  • LogoDesignGuru – Top Provider of high quality, cost effective logo branding.


  • Webmaster forums – Help forums for web design, programming, CSS, HTML and more.
  • SitePoint – Resources for Design, HTML, CSS, PHP and other website technologies.
  • Digital Point – Highly popular Internet marketing and Search Engine Optimization forums.

Email Marketing

  • Constant Contact – Email Marketing,Online Surveys and Event Marketing Solutions for Online Businesses. Free 60-Day Trial.
  • iContact – Super Simple, High-Deliverability, Email Marketing.


  • Bloglines – Easy Drag and Drop Feed Manager.
  • Google Reader -Keep up with sites in one place via email. Constantly checks favorite news sites.
  • Feedburner – Create, Publish and Distribute your own feeds.
  • RSS Button Generator – Generate RSS buttons for your blog.
  • RSS Mix – Mix any number of RSS feeds into one unique feed.

Social Bookmarking

  • ShareThis – The tiny little green button that does it all.
  • OnlyWire – Automated Content & Bookmark Distribution.

Royalty Free Images

  • Stock.XCHNG – Free Stock Photography
  • morgueFile – Public image archive for creatives by creatives


  • dmoz – Open directory project. The oldest and biggest one. Officially closed 14-th of march 2017.
  • Yahoo! Directory – One of the top directories on the internet. The database is very large and of the highest quality. Inclusion comes at a cost for good reason.
  • Ezine Articles – One of the top article directories to submit your articles for massive exposure.

Affiliate Programs

  • Clickbank – Have a digital product you need to sell online? Clickbank is the leading affiliate program to accept payments and sell your digital products. For Affiliates: There are tens of thousands of digital products to promote and sell for generous commissions. A must for any one who falls into these two categories.

Website Templates

  • DreamTemplate – In our opinion the most untapped source of Premium Website Templates available. We prefer DreamTemplate over Template Monster and others because after purchasing a template you will often find many other people on the web with the same template. DreamTemplate has over 6000 beautiful premium templates. Easily customizable. Great Price.

Online Marketing/Advertising

  • USFREEAds – High Traffic, High Response Free Classifieds. Ads on their network are indexed and get ranked high in Google.
  • Free Traffic System – Get Free Targeted Traffic in any niche. This system will allow you to get Unlimited One-Way Links for Free. 100% Whitehat and Legal Way to Increase Visitors to Your Sites.
  • Unique Article Wizard – Creates genuine backlinks to your website through the creation of Unique Articles and Article Submission. The backlinks really do move your site upward in the search engines and help increase site visitors. Essentially this is Free Traffic System on Steroids. Use of both systems is encouraged.


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