Once twice thrice what comes next?

Once twice thrice… Is This a Continuing Series of Words?

These words look like they can easily be developed to eternity. Look at this:

One – one time – once

Two – two times – twice

Three – three times – thrice

Four – four times – Fouice? No. Fource? No.

Five – five times – Fice? No. Not applicable.

A quick word of advice just leaves them as they are or else you will end up with a list of words from all languages of the globe. A few highly experienced writers have attempted to fill the gap but none of their lists have been adopted yet.

Just a thought, isn’t asking what comes after thrice like asking what comes after tertiary? Though the words seem to be sort of a series, they have no continuation. Once twice thrice are all there is. There’s no history suggesting there was a continuation of an attempt to develop them further. They are complete just as they are.

My observation is that these words are more common in nations that speak UK English. I wonder what informed this creativity. Is it unfortunate there is no continuation to these words? Maybe we should be at liberty to continue with the creativity. Language is obviously developing so it’s not out of order. Am I right?

I have noticed something though, it seems as if they are slowly becoming old fashioned. Just a couple of people use them and still feel odd because most people aren’t familiar with them. I have just asked a couple of scholars what they feel about developing these words and they just answered in a rhythm – sort of; no need.

Their reasoning is that in today’s language, thrice sounds too odd; almost wrong. Three times is just perfect. What about the use of twice? Not bad they say. Twice is proper. It’s common and frequently used. The use of one time is however odd. Once is perfect.

Using one time in a statement makes it sound uncertain. Especially, if you are answering a question for example, how many times have you eaten today? One time – it sounds odd. It’s more fitting easier to respond with once.

So, we can conclusively say, using once, is more appropriate than using one time’. On the other hand, using twice is acceptable though often interchanged with two times. Either of them sounds right. However, thrice is phasing out. Though it’s grammatically correct, it has become a no-go zone’.

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Once twice thrice what comes next?
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