What are the most common job interview questions

Won’t it be lovely when you are going for your job interview and you know the questions the hiring manager would be asking?

Unfortunately, you can’t read minds, but we can give you something that you can prepare yourself with: a list of the most common job interview questions and their likable answers. Either you are just a fresher that is job hunting or you are someone who wants to change her job this sample that would be listed below you help you to prepare well for your next coming job interview.

We don’t suggest that you should have a bottled response for every of the interview questions, please don’t, you should spend some time to get comfortable with the questions that you would be asked, say what the hiring managers are looking at your response.

Take into account that this list is your study guide

Tell me a little about yourself?

The question seems so simple and a lot of people do fail to prepare for it, but the question is crucial. Here’s it is: don’t talk about your complete personal history or your employment. Instead, talk about an angle-one that’s compelling and very concise and would show that you are the best fit for the role. Start by saying 2 or 3 accomplishments that you want the hiring manager to know and then wrap by talking about how your former experience has made you for this role.

How did you hear about the job?

This is another harmless interview question and it’s a great opportunity for you to stand out and let them know your passion for the company. Like if you got to know about the job through a professional contact or a friend, name drop the person and tell them how happy you were about it. If you discovered it through an article or an event share that too. Even if it was through a job listing or a job board that is random, make sure you share what caught your attention specifically about the job.

Tell us what you know about the company?

Any candidate can repeat and read about the company page. So, if the hiring manager asks this question, they aren’t trying to size if you understand the company mission-all they want to understand is if you really care about it. With this question start with a line that shows that you understand the goals of the company by making use of a phrase or keyword from their website and make it something that is personal. Like, “I am drawn personally to this mission because….” or something like “I really have believed in this approach because…“

Why do you want this role?

A lot of companies love to hire candidates that are passionate about the role, be precise on your answer on why you are fit for the job h. Firstly, you need to find the key factors that make the job a good fit for you. For example, “why I love customer support is because I enjoy the human interaction which is constant and I love the feeling that comes after helping someone solve his or her problem“.

You can go on and share why you adore the company like ”I am very passionate about education and I can see you guys doing a lot of great things and I want a part in these great things which is achieved.

Why should the company hire you?

The question sounds intimidating and kind of forward. If the hiring manager asks you then luck is shining on you because this is a good way that you have to sell yourself and your skills. What you are doing here is to place an answer which would cover three major things: you delivering good results, which you would be able to fit into the team and that, you are a better candidate than your counterparts.

What is your professional strength?

When you want to answer this kind of question, be exact. Make sure is the true strength that you are not sharing what you might be thinking that the hiring manager wants to hear; talk about the relevant ones that are very particular to the role you are applying for. Finish it up with a good example on how you have exhibited these skills in a professional way.

What is your weakness?

The hiring manager wants to know if you are honest and you can measure your self-awareness. You say something like “nothing! that you are perfect, isn’t an option. Try and think about something that you are weak at and you are working at it presently to improve.

Talk about a conflict you have faced at work, and the way you resolved it?

This is a behavioral interview question. The hiring manager wants to know how you would respond to challenge. Answering this question you should make use of the S-T-A-R method: you talking about the situation you were in or the task and the actions you took to the results you got.

In five years to this time, where do, you see yourself?

If a hiring manager asks you this question, be specific and be honest about your goals, but put in mind that: the interviewer wants to know if you got the ambition, if your goals align with the post and if you have realistic expectations.

The best answer is you should think about where the role would lead you to and let your answer align with that. If the position isn’t aligning with your future aspirations, you can say you aren’t sure what it entails, but you can see these experiences playing a crucial role in your future aspiration.

What’s your expected salary?

Firstly you should have done your research about their salary before going for the interview. Come up with a range that applies to your education, skills, and experience and let the interviewer know that you are flexible and you are willing to make negotiations.

Few questions to ask the Hiring Manager

  • “What’s the career path for a person in this role?”
  • “How can you describe the culture of the company?”
  • “Where do you envision the company in the next 5 years?”
  • “What steps would be next in the interview process?”

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