What are the seven deadly sins

Sin is the worst form of evil that a person can commit. While Sin in itself is broad, it falls into a category that is popularly referred to as the 7 deadly sins. While these seven deadly sins are not found in a list in the Bible, they can be found throughout Its many books. The deadly sins are also a part of Church Tradition that dates back to the Early Church.

What are the seven deadly sins?

The seven deadly sins are negative character qualities or vices that if not changes, can kill a person’s soul and result in a host of other sins. For instance, Envy can lead to violence, ill-speaking or murder. These sins are transgressions that are fatal to a person’s spiritual progress.

The list of 7 deadly sins

1 — Pride
Also known as vanity, pride is an excessive belief in one’s abilities and an unrealistic sense of self-worth. Pride is known to be the deadliest sin of all. This sin interferes with a person’s recognition of God’s grace in their life. Christian teachings encourage people to practice humility as it is a virtue that helps people realize their dependence on God for everything. With humility, man thinks nothing of himself and has God in their mind.

2 — Envy
Envy is the desire to have what other people have, whether it is abilities, possessions or status. The sin of envy is like a thief. It can easily slip past one’s watch and grow like poisonous foliage around the heart. Once there, it lights little fires of anger, irritation and as a result, causes unhappiness. Envy proceeds from pride, distorted self-love, and vanity. When you lack the proper humility, you become saddened when you see the gifts of others. According to Proverbs 14:30 a peaceful heart gives life to the body, whereas envy rots the bones. Kindness is the cure for envy. It places the desire to help others over the need to supersede them.

3 — Gluttony
Gluttony is often defined as wanting to eat more than you need. It is the overindulgence and over-consumption of anything to the point of waste. Gluttony bloats and distracts the soul. It makes people form idols out of worldly things they think they need. It also causes people to avoid reality by providing distractions. For instance, people today eat or shop to ward of sadness. As a result, they replace what they need with what they think they want. People end up with a kind of insatiable hunger that fills the void that only God can fill. Temperance is the cure for gluttony. It implants the desire to be healthy, allowing one to be fit enough mentally and physically to serve others.

4 — Lust
Lust is thought of an intense or uncontrolled sexual desire that can lead to fornication, rape, bestiality adultery among other immoral acts. It can also mean an intense desire for power, money and other things that are sinful. The sin of lust can turn a person into the devil’s slave. In the book of 2nd Timothy 2:22, the Bible encourages people to flee from lust and instead, pursue righteousness, love, faith, and peace. Chastity and self-control cure lust by enabling someone to control their passions and leverage that energy for the good of others.

5 — Anger
The deadly sin of anger is defined as losing your rational self-control and wanting to hurt others. Passive or aggressive, hot or cold, anger usually desires to hurt or punish others in one way or the other. However, other times, anger can turn inward, especially when the person feels they are a powerless victim of their situation. Depression and in severe cases, suicide is associated with repressed anger. Just like all other deadly sins, anger is rooted in the fallen nature of a person. Anger is impatient with the weaknesses of others, profoundly self-centered and is usually driven by an aggrieved sense of entitlement. The cure for anger is patience. Patience allows people to understand the need and desires of others before speaking or acting.

6 — Greed
Just like lust and gluttony, greed is a form of desire. Greed is defined as the desire for material wealth and gains while ignoring one’s spirituality. Greed is regarded as a deadly sin because it destroys man’s capacity to trust in God and worships success. Success gives people the illusion of self-sufficiency. However, the more people reach for this security, the further they slip away from God. It implies that we can secure ourselves and please ourselves by the possession of things instead of obeying God’s rules.

7 — Sloth
Sloth is one of the deadliest sins that believes in nothing, cares for nothing or no one and seeks to know nothing. Sloth finds purpose in nothing, remains alive for nothing, hates nothing and enjoys nothing. Above all, sloth distances a person from worship and prayer. Sloth is equated to laziness. Diligence is the cure for slothfulness. It helps people place the interest of others above a life of relaxation.

Other tractations of 7 deadly sins

Over the years, the 7 deadly sins of Christianity have been depicted in various movies and TV shows. SpongeBob SquarePants, for instance, is a popular TV show with 7 characters who fans believe are based on each of the seven deadly seen.

  • SpongeBob – lust
  • Patrick – Sloth
  • Gary – Gluttony
  • Squidward – Anger
  • Plankton – Envy
  • Sandy – Pride
  • Mr. Krabs – Greed

There is also a Japanese anime – Nanatsu no Taizaithat features 7 characters who symbolize each of the 7 deadly sins. Most of these TV show producer create these characters to give people a fascinating insight into human nature and to provide reliable antagonism.


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