What are The Ten Commandments

What are the Ten Commandments? Are you hunting for content explained simply which will assist you improve your knowledge and understanding about the Ten Commandments?

If so, the facts discussed below will certainly be important to your needs if utilized properly. Also referred as the Decalogue or the ten amendments of God, the Ten Commandments are a composition of biblical fundamentals that relate to worship and ethics, which play a significant role in Christianity and Judaism.

The commandments involve instructions to honor one’s parents, to worship God only, as well to keep the Sabbath and prohibition against adultery, murder, blasphemy, idolatry, coveting, dishonesty and theft.

In the commonly used Hebrew Bible, the Ten Commandments appear two times i.e. in the book of Deuteronomy and Exodus. Here are the ten amendments explained simply that can be vital for kids and the entire catholic society at large:

The Ten Commandments list

#1: I’m your God and you should not Worship any other gods

This commandment explains why we should be loyal to God. God who is the maker of the universe reveals He is the one and only God and asks us human beings to express our love for Him by ensuring we do not follow any other gods. The most essential commitment we should make is establishing, developing as well as maintaining our personal relationship with the Creator.

We should always love honor and respect God because He is the supreme power in our lives. We must ensure that we do not allow anything to prevent us from obeying and serving God.

#2: You Shouldn’t Worship False Gods

Our one and only God loves us to an extent that He’s jealous of our love and doesn’t want any person to share his or her love by bowing down to any other god. When worshiping the Creator, we should know how to perceive Him, how to explain Him to others, and also adhere to the correct ways of worshiping Him.
We should always remember that of all the created things in this universe, only we human beings are made in the image of God.

#3: We should never take God’s name in Vein

This commandment explains why reverence is important. God informs us why it is ideal to respect always His name and to never take it in vein. It encompasses our behavior, speech and attitude. According to this amendment, respect is the foundation of good relationships.

The standard of our relationship with the Creator is determined by the love and respect we have for Him. It depends also on the ways we express respect for God in the presence of other people.
We are expected to always honor what and who He is.

#4: The Sabbath Day Should be kept Holy

Sanctification and relationship is what this amendment is all about. ’Remember’ is the word God starts with when teaching us about this commandment. This is because He knew people would forget it. The Creator asks us to remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy. The seventh day of every week i.e. the Sabbath was set apart by Him as a time for resting and spiritual rejuvenation.
We should use the seventh day to worship and express our love to God.

#5: Honor your Parents

The Creator instructs us to show love and respect to our parents by making sure we honor them every time. Families are considered building blocks of communities which make strong nations. Basically, when families are broken and flawed, sad incidents are likely to be encountered every now and then.

However, any person or group that understand the value of strong families will reap rewards inform of blessings and improved relationships from God. We should always relent to authority and accept the effect of mentors.

#6: You Should not Kill

This commandment explains why human life should be respected. God informs us we should not murder and try to demonstrate love rather than hate towards others. It is not the will of God when a person deliberately or willfully takes the life of another individual.

God is the only one who gives life and He is the only one supposed to take it. We should live in peace, love and harmony and try to make the world a better place for the present generations and those yet to come.

#7: You Should not Commit Adultery

The Creator expects us to demonstrate and express our love for our spouse by not executing adultery. Adultery is considered a contravention of the marriage agreement by one of the partners or both willfully participating in sexual activity with another person’s spouse.
It is ideal that people should never engage in any form of sexual relationship outside marriage.

#8: You Should not Steal

We should express our respect and love for others by ensuring we don’t steal other people’s belongings. God wants people to proper and adore physical blessings. The Creator expects us to also show wisdom in how we utilize what He offers us. He doesn’t want possessions turn out to be our main pursuit in life.
It is important that we acquire and own any kind of property in a legitimate manner.

#9: You Should not Lie

This amendment focuses on explaining why it is important to be truthful every time. Our Creator wants us to love others and never to deceive or lie to them.

God wants us to realize how truthful is important to Him and us as His servants should always speak truthfully. The Creator wants us as His kids, to dedicate ourselves to truth and make sure we reflect it to each and everything we do.

#10: You Should not Desire what doesn’t Belong to you

God does not want us to desire or covet things that do not belong to us in an improper or excessive way. This commandment does not necessarily mean that all our wants or desires are long. We should understand that some kinds of desires normally are wrong.

Longing for something which is not rightfully yours is wrong. Coveting also can include our desiring than what would be our rightful share. Our desire should always be to offer contribution to the well being of other people; to make our existence in their lives be a blessing to them.

Bottom Line

We should ensure our hearts are very clean every time since from within is where the desire which tempt us and make us go astray come from. Always abide to the aforementioned information explained simply about the Ten Commandments and you will certainly prosper.

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