What is my ip address? How to hide it?

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Ip is Internet Protocol, defines the protocol that gateways use to identify networks, and paths to networks and hosts. Handles the routing of data between networks. IP is a connectionless protocol and treats all data as datagrams.

How to hide my ip address?

Many internet surfers who want to know “what is my ip address?” also want to know “how to hide my ip address” to surf anonymously on the web.

Your web browser makes you very vulnerable while you surf the internet because when you visit certain websites you are exposed to targeting and data collection by a number of agencies: federal authorities, search engines and online marketing groups.

Your movements can also be tracked as well as your operating system, browser, web history, ip address and location. We are GreyorGray.com do not engage in any of the aforementioned activities but other websites do.

An anonymous surfing program can hide all of this information by virtue of a proxy server established between you and the website you are visiting. Some also scramble your ip address and encrypt your internet connection. There are reliable software programs, such as Ghostsurf sold by reputable online merchants that can accomplish this. Read more about what this type of software can do to protect your online privacy.


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